Starting Your Flooring Project

Posted on: December 8, 2010
Tags: Flooring

You will probably only purchase a hardwood floor once. Do the planning to make sure you get what you want. Think about the type of wood that will compliment your home and decor. What rooms do you want to install the floor? Do you have children or pets? Research the company you chose to install it. Ask them questions, How many years in business? Do they use the brands you want to buy? Were they recommended to you by anyone? Can they provide references? Is the estimate you recieved detailed? Can they explain the procedure they will use to complete the project? After you have successfully choosen your installer you will choose a species of wood a color of stain and a sheen of gloss. Wood flooring comes in a wide variety of species, designs, and colors. You should also prepare to choose a grade of wood. Grading is a rating system for wood according to variations in the wood's natural color. The width of the wood is also a purchasing factor, standard widths include 2-1/4", 2-1/2", and 3-1/4" your choice is a matter of taste.The positioning of the wood is another topic that you will need to discuss with your installer. The three important ideas I wish to leave with you: Good planning will lead to happy floors and less aggrevation, finding a knowledgable retailer that is able to answer your questions will give you a finished product to be proud of and lastly purchase high quality products, hardwood floors are a long term investment, scimpin will just lead to costly adjustments down the road.